I spent some of my younger years in Brazil where my parents were missionaries. At the age of six, I realized that Jesus died on the cross for my sins. Soon thereafter I became interested in aviation. When I was thirteen, I began reading a book that God would use to change my life’s direction.¬† As I read “Jungle Pilot”, the story of Nate Saint and Jim Elliot, God began to show me that He wanted me to be a full-time missionary for Him. I also saw the need for missionary aviation and how God could use my interest in aviation. I graduated from Piedmont Baptist College in 2003 with a B.A. degree in Bible/Missionary Aviation. I am a commercial pilot, a certified aircraft mechanic and a inspector for the FAA, along with be a ordained preacher of the Word of God. While in college, I also became interested in Madagascar¬† and saw the great need for missionaries to go there. In 2007, we arrived in Madagascar were we learned the language and assisted with a church plant. We later moved to the west coast of Madagascar and started a new church among the Sakalava people.


Ruth is a third generation missionary also and grew up as the oldest of 12 kids in the Ivory Coast in West Africa where her parents have been church planting missionaries since 1994. At the age of four, Ruth recognized that she was a sinner on her way to Hell. She prayed to accept Jesus as her Savior. Growing up, Ruth developed a desire to serve God with her life and felt called to be a missionary. In preparation to serve God, she went to the Philippines for 2 years and studied to be a midwife delivering over 100 babies while working in a Christian maternity center. In 2012, Ruth returned to the States and took the NARM to become a Certified Professional Midwife. After becoming a midwife, she enrolled in Ambassador Baptist College where she graduated with a bachelors degree in elementary education. It is wonderful to look back and see how God has been preparing her for the role that she now has as a wife, a mother of 5 kids, and a missionary to an African country.